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The Voice Kids Russia

Dmitriy Nagiev
Actor, musician, showman, TV and radio presenter, DJ

Anastasia Chevazhevsky


Natalia Vodianova

Supermodel, actress and philanthropist

Valeria Lanskaya

Theater and film actress, singer

Presenters Of The Show:

     TV projekt 'The Voice Kids Russia' (in the Russian interpretation 'Golos. Deti') was one of the most successful projects on Russian television. Stream this transfer caused a wide resonance in the society, the ratings exceeded the most optimistic forecasts. 

    Show involved children aged 7 to 14 years (inclusive). It is an adaptation of the original Dutch format 'The Voice Kids'. Earlier television station 'The First channel' already adapted and the version for the adult participants, in the Russian version entitled 'Golos'. By the time of the release of the children's project has already hosted two seasons of the adult. In the children's 'TheVoice' three of a mentor. Each of them gathers his team, consisting of 15 contestants. 
     The format of 'The Voice Kids Russia' differ from adults in a reduced time of the competition and consists of the following stages: blind auditions, fights, the song is a departure and a finale. Duels differ from the adult 'The Voice' especially those that sing one song, not two, but three. It is made on the recommendation of child psychologists, because in this case, eliminated two, and a child to overcome stress easier. No salvation mentor. Also in every game, playing only one team. Immediately after the fights begins "song for departure" in which the five remaining project participants are singing the songs that they sang in the blind auditions. According to the results of stage mentor selects two finalists.From the second season added an additional stage in which the audience, through telephone voting adds another finalist from among the outgoing on stage, the song on the flight. 
     Before the judges of the project and this is an extremely difficult task, the essence of which is to determine the voice of the participant who is able to conquer the whole country. But, fortunately, the jury of very experienced people who really are professionals. A fierce struggle takes place not only between the contestants but between the judges themselves, as each of them wants to recruit to his team the strongest participants, those with which, in their opinion, they will be able to win the project. 
      Dear visitors, on this resource you can see the results of the stages and seasons of competition, as well as other information about the project .            

голос дети

Dmitriy Bilan

Singer and actor, the winner of Eurovision 2008

Judges Of The Show:


Pelageya Khanova

Singer, founder and singer of the group 'Pelageya'


Maxim Fadeev

Music producer, composer, producer, songwriter, arranger.


Leonid Agutin

Singer, songwriter, composer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation

Live Musical Accompaniment:


Multi genre band  under the leadership of Sergey Zhilin and other invited musicians




Yuriy Aksyuta

Music Manager, television producer


Larisa Sinel'shchikova

TV producer, 'ВИД' TV Company shareholder, founder and director of the TV company 'Красный квадрат'


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Первый канал

Красный квадрат

krasny kvadrat

Talpa The Voice Kids



In June, the organizers of announced the start of accepting applications for the following the season of 'The Voice Kids Russia'.