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nookie - daria stavrovich

Daria Stavrovich

    Dariа Stavrovich probably the most brightest and extravagant participant of the fifth season of The Voice Russia. The singer has a stage name 'Nookie'. She was born on February 1, 1986 in the small town of Velsk Arkhangelsk region in an intellectual family doctor and lecturer, later lived in Arzamas, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow.
    Has a musical education - she studied at the College of music and the Institute of Contemporary Art at the faculty of academic and pop-jazz singing. In addition to vocals, plays the guitar and piano. Creative activities started in various little known bands. Since 2006 and today she is a soloist of the band 'Slot' which plays in the genres of alternative rock and new metal. Since 2012, the singer is also working on a solo project with the same name 'Nookie'.

    With Daria  In April 2014  emergency occurred at an autograph session, it was attacked by a crazy fan as a result she fell in intensive care and underwent surgery. Girl heroically managed to survive these events and found the strength to continue the creative activity.
    Also Daria Stavrovich tried his hand at film and voiced the character of computer game.
    Participation in the mega project, The Voice is undoubtedly an important stage in the creative career of the singer. Daria performed in the blind auditions the iconic song 'Zombie' by Irish band The Cranberries and audience and the judges was just shocked by her powerful voice and energy. To the contestant turned all mentors and mentor Dmitry Bilan a fit of emotion jumped up on his the seat of judge, after he appreciated the performance 'It was a terrible, disgusting but awesome!'. But the girl  chose mentor Grigory Leps, because believes it more congenial.


In 'The Slot':
1. 'Две войны'             (2007)
2. 'Тринити'                 (2007)
3. '4ever'                      (2009)
4. 'F5'                           (2011)
5. 'Break the Code'      (2011)
6. 'Шестой'                  (2013)
7. 'Septima'                  (2016)

Solo project:
1. 'Живы'                                  (2013)
2. 'Пыльца лунной бабочки'   (2015)

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